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There are several reasons to go to university, but people usually do it because they want to reach a better position in their lives (personal development, achieve a god job or earn more money). That’s the reason why, in some cases, people choose a degree depending on the working perspectives of the studies, even when they don’t like studying it.

Can a person be happy doing something he/she dislikes the whole life? I don’t think so. In my opinion, people who have decided to go to university should study what they love without thinking about the money they will earn in the future. Let’s be honest, going to university doesn’t ensure you to get a job, it only gives you the opportunity to have abilities in a subject and be more qualified to perform a job.

Besides, the labor market changes very fast and what today is demanded, tomorrow might not be. Moreover, there are professions that you can’t be tought at university.

Is it necessary to go to university to succeed in life? There are a lot of examples that show it isn’t a requirement. Steve Jobs (Apple), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), James Cameron (film maker)… have succeeded in their professional lives without having finished their university studies. However, even when there are people who have succeeded from scratch, it continues being a rarity that happens once in a blue moon.

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Have you ever felt the sweat wetting your hands and the shiver on your back before and exam? In that moment your level of nervousness and stress is so high that you can’t be focused on the test. A lot of university students suffer from stress during the period of exams. In an extreme case they aren’t able to pass the proof. There are some factors that explain it.


The nervous breakdown is more common in the first academic years at university. There are a lot of differences you must realize between the high school and university learning and evaluation system. That’s the first factor could stress you because you have to prepare your own notes and, also, you need to distribute your study time properly. Moreover, you have a lot of new subjects to study. That can make you stress due to you have to learn and memorize it for the first time. Furthermore, you aren’t used to doing six or seven exams within two weeks.

To avoid your nervousness and stress you should be aware of your capacity to keep in mind new things. If you are good at it, you have more options to overcome your stress and you will pass your exams without troubles. However, if you aren’t good enough at it, you don’t have to be worried, there are several solutions. First of all, you need to plan your time well. For instance, making a timetable would be a good idea. As well as this, you have to prepare you own notes. To achieve that you should go to the library to consult different books. Finally, you must choose the most suitable study system for you: doing summaries and diagrams, reading and underlining the text… There are a lot of options.

My experience says to me that if you distribute well your time and you are constant, you will face the exams without problems.


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