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Scotland is the land of castles. For that reason, you might not be surprised to know that many Scottish myths and superstitions are related to them, but what are their origins?

In most cases, myths were born several centuries ago when people was unable to explain what was happening in front of their eyes because they were very scared and influenced by their religion superstitions. However, those legends continues being an important part of our popular culture nowadays.

More than the typical British superstitions, the Scots have got their own ones, so visiting Edinburgh is a good idea if you want to discover the most deeply-rooted myths in the UK. For example, one of the most famous Edinburgh legends is related to its castle. It is said that if a university of Edinburgh student passes through the castle gates, she/he will fail her/his exams. Be careful! Nobody knows if it has got the same effect on other students… Although, if you finally decide to visit the castle, you can offset the bad luck putting a four-leafs clover into your pocket.

Even if you are a superstitious person or not, knowing about myths and legends of other places must show you how people thought in the past and where their currently costumes come from.

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