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Maybe nothing of it could have happened if I hadn’t lived in the city. In a city, where no one knows who you are, all is possible.

It was autumn. Nowhere had brown leaves on the floor, neither picturesque parks to photograph. There were only steel and glass. Grey colour covered everything, until a day, on the corner of main street, she appeared under a red hat. Since that day, during a week, I saw her leaning on a streetlight. Everytime she walked down the street, my heart beat and my hands were becoming shaky as a glass of water about to overflow. My mind invented a lot of story. One of them began whit a glass of rum with coke and a Bloody Mary’s without Tabasco. Nothing must be real. Neither names. She chose Jaqueline and I chose Hector. Then, we went to an older and distant place, called for everyone “Hotel of Infidels” when its real name always was “Hotel City”. There, we take off the mask and in the dark, we were ourselves. We thought that invent a new language could be a perfect ending to a perfect day. The first word we invented was “good bye”. We weren’t sorry because we had to go, it was easy because each other knew that our hearts will never be our home.

But anything of that happened and after a week, the woman with the red hat disappeared and all continue its way. Why? Because I had lived in a city and I hadn’t the courage to do something. Yes, a city is the place of everything can happen, but I’m not that kind of guy who feels the life. I used to wait for a sign to follow my dreams, but with the red hat woman, never appeared.

Sorry for the mistakes (maybe there are a lot). If you found one (or more), please leave me a comment. Thanks!

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