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Look around. How many TVs do you have at home? How many lights are on at this moment? Moreover, how many electrical appliances have you got at home? Maybe it could be easier to count how many things aren’t connected to electricity. That isn’t all, there are several more questions that you should think about: do you usually go to work by car? How many rubbish do you produce everyday? Do you recycle? Now, think about your daily routine. Do you think your habits are the most suitable to keep the Earth alive? I’m sure the answer will be “no”.

Our daily routine produces a lot of pollution and waste. Nowadays, we make more litter that the Earth can assume. The difference between our garbage and wastes the planet can get is known as “ecological footprint”. Do you know how many planets do we need to live in if we don’t change your lifestyle? In 2030 they will be necessary two planets. However, the situation will be worse in 2050, when we’ll need 3 Earths to continue with our spendthrift lifestyle. Spain is one of the countries that lives over its possibilities in connection with its consumption of natural resources. In 2006, the only country that lived respecting our planet was Cuba.

The main evidences that we’re killing our planet are global warming and the huge amount of species in danger of extinction. The solution is before our very eyes: as being on a special diet. We must reduce our use of fossil fuels, reduce our CO2 emissions and shorten our rubbish. First of all, we must boost renewable energies like solar energy or wind power. Moreover, it it’s possible, we should walk to work and use public transport instead of our car. Finally, we have to change our habits: we don’t have any excuses not to reuse and recycle (I’m sure there are several recycling bins near home and work). Besides, we should try to buy unpacked products or biodegradably packed.


The earlier we start, the sooner we’ll save our planet. If we take care of the Earth, the Earth will look after us.

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