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Shopping on creditThe plastic money’s use has been increasing outstandingly in recent years. However, even when we are used to paying by credit card, we are not completely aware of neither its advantages nor its disadvantages.

On the plus side, credit cards can be used in both actual and virtual shops and all of our purchases are registered in our bank account so we can control easily our budget. Moreover, plastic money is safer than paying in cash, especially when a huge amount of money has to be paid. Besides, credit cards always allow us to have money on and if we travelled abroad, exchanging currency wouldn’t be necessary. What is more, even when we get our wallet stolen, there are some safety mechanisms that protect our savings from the pickpockets.

However, paying by card has drawbacks too. For example, although credit cards’ use has spread widely, there are establishments where we only can pay in cash or they don’t accept credit cards if the amount of money is rather small. Furthermore, as plastic money seems to be endless, it encourages us to buy things we don’t actually need or even can’t afford. That can lead us to lose our shirt. Finally, using credit card doesn’t protect us from having our money stolen while withdrawing, or from having our credit card cloned and misused.

In conclusion, paying by credit card can be certainly useful as long as we are conscious that money doesn’t last forever. As a thrifty person, I prefer paying in cash for my daily shopping and using plastic money just for large payments. If a piece of advice can be given, you won’t never regret following what the idiom says: “a penny saved is a penny earned”.

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We dream of it, but is it possible to find the most suitable job for us? Will it be the same we dream of? Asunción and Ricardo have told us how much and why they love or hate their jobs.

Asunción, 60, teacher

Asunción is a happy woman who has devoted her whole life to children. Since she was a child, she has been completely sure about what she was going to become when she was older: Asunción discovered her passion teaching her younger siblings. At the age of sixteen, she started giving lessons to other students. After forty years of experience, she thinks her job i the best in the world and she is very proud of having contributed to the society with her work. Asunción thinks she feels like that because she is doing what she loves. Moreover, she encourages everybody to do the same as her if they want to have a happy life.

Ricardo, 25, journalist

Ricardo is a young journalist that works as a checkout clerk in a Spanish supermarket. He strongly hates his job and dreams about working as an actor. He discovered his passion when he was working for an English newspaper in London. During his stay at the UK, he joined a theatre group and started acting. However, he lost his job and came back to Spain where he was only able to find his current job. Ricardo continues loving journalism, but now he is absolutely sure that he vill be only happy acting.

Neither Asunción not Ricardo have told us about the money. We have been told about the importance of finding what satisfies us and makes it our work if we want to be happy. However, we can’t afford to be in the red. That’s why we sometimes work in something we dislike.

Of course, between the worst and the perfect job, there are a lot of intermediate situations that give us the opportunity to make our works a happy place and to be proud of our work. Which part of the balance are you in?

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