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little versalles

The Royal Palace of “La Granja de San Ildefonso” is located on Guadarrama’s mountain, thirteen kilometres north of the city of Segovia. The place is close to Madrid, an hour by car. Its name comes from an old farm of Jeromes’ monks of the monastery of Segovia.

The building was built-in 1721, during King Felipe V’s reign. Its baroque style resembles the Parisian Versalles Palace. For that reason, King Felipe V called it “little Versalles“. Its first use was being the summer-house of the Royal Spanish Family since Alfonso XIII’s reign. Now, the palace belongs to National Heritage.

Two remarkable facts stand out in its history. First, the Palace was witness of San Ildefonso mutiny in 1836. The army demanded to regent Queen María Cristina de Barbón-Dos Sicilias the restoration fo 1812’s Constitution (knows as “La Pepa“). And secondly, in 1918, the Royal Palace suffered a fire in wich several rooms were damaged.

Fountain of Diana's bathsThe Royal Palace has twenty-four rooms, each one with its own name like Europe, America or Africa, the three known continents at the time of its construction. Moreover the interior, the most gorgeous part of the precincts is the enormous garden (six kilometres) with twenty-six elegant fountains (they only turns up three times a year) and an artificial lake. In the enclosure there is, also, a chapel where King Felipe V was buried.

The Royal Palace of “La granja de San Ildefonso” is one of the most delightful places of Spain.  It’s a very impressive site that well worth a visit. So if you ever come to Spain, don’t forget to visit it!

For further information visit: Spanish National Heritage – La granja de San Ildefonso

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