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hands around the worldRich countries not only should but must help poorer ones. It is not a question of charity; it is a matter of cooperation, equality and ethics, though. In my opinion, there are three aspects in which the first world would have to aid the third world: foreign debt, education and women’s role.

First of all, wealthy countries must cancel the external debt of poor ones. It is true that Governments are already sending some money, but they are wasting because it go directly to dictator’s pockets and contributes unfortunately to impoverish more and more countries in need.

Moreover, rich countries would have to invest in education in the third world. Only education makes people aware of the injustices they are suffering, needy countries’ people could knock their governments down and build equal countries from scratch.

Last but not least, first world countries must help to improve the women’s role in impoverished countries. As they are in charge of children’s education, if women were educated, they would transmit their knowledge to next generations.

In conclusion, what rich countries should do is participate actively in the fight against poverty. That way, we will achieve a better and more equal world. The problem is that governments from the first world are often more interested in other issues than in helping people in need (from their or other countries).

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