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Technological trendiest gifts, perfumes that cost an arm and a leg, thousands of toys, tons of food… In case this wasn’t enough for you, thinking you are going to be gathered to some relatives you just see once in a blue moon and you don’t sometimes get on with them, but you must be kind because it is Christmas!

Nowadays, Christmas is becoming a business with all that purchases, preparations and feasts. However, there are people who continues thinking about Christmas as a family celebration. In order to know what Christmas is, we must talk about its origin.

Christmas dates back the ancient Rome where it was hold “Saturnalia”, a festival in store for Saturn, the agriculture’s Roman god. It took place in December when some gifts were given to the slaves by their owners, the patricians.

The festival changed its meaning and became a Christian celebration in the course of time. Then, little by little, they were added a lot of traditional ornaments (the Christmas tree, the nativity scene, the mistletoe, the poinsettia…) food (the Christmas log cake, turrón, polvorones…) and other things as carols and Christmas bonus.

From the beginning, Christmas celebration has always been a commemorative time when people have always received presents. All in all, Christmas is a mixture between tradition and business.

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One of the most tasteful Christmas street market in Alicante is the Xixona’s. This year it has taken place at the long weekend of December (from 5 to 8, when Spaniards celebrate the Constitution’s and St. Inmaculada’s days) in the inland town of Xixona, but the dates can change depending on the year.

During four days, about a hundred stall that form the market fill the Xixona’s main street with delicious traditional sweets (turrón, polvorones, peladillas, fruta escarchada…), fragrant perfumes, smart clothes, heady wine, scented flowers and a wide variety of gift articles and food. The traders offer samples of their products so you can taste them and choose the appropriate for you. Walking along the market you can feel the real essence of Christmas time!  

Tradicional spanish sweets – stall at Xinona’s Crhistmas market

The market opens at 10:00 am and the hustle and bustle of customers, traders and tourists continues all day long. Besides the market, thevisitors can enjoy a huge variety of activities like theatre, live music, art exhibitions, Christmas carol performances, parades, traditional gastronomic tastings, storytellers and other activities for kids, guided visit of the old part of the city…

Xixona's Christmas market - december 2013

Xixona’s Christmas market – december 2013

So, if you are keen as mustard of Christmas, Xixona’s Christmas market is the perfect place where you can do all your shopping! However, if it isn’t your cup of tea, there are a lot of activities to enjoy and I’m sure if you visit the market you’ll change your opinion and you’ll agree with me: Xixona’s Christmas market is worth a visit!

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