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Mobile phonesIt doesn’t matter whether you love or hate it; you’ll probably have one in your pocket or your hands right now. Can you guess about I’m talking about? The answer is easy: I’m talking about mobile phones which, as almost everything in the world, have positive and negative aspects.

On the plus side, mobile phones are a cheap and easy way to be in touch with our friends and relatives all day long. Besides, they are very useful for old people who live alone or athletes who practise risky sports or train alone. If they have a problem, they can call the emergency service even when they don’t have coverage. Moreover, mobile phones  let us have everything we need (telephone, camera, Internet…) in just one device.

However, for every plus there is a minus. The possibility to be controlled 24/365  can be very stressful. If you can disconnect, sometimes you’d rather not have a mobile. What is more, it’s become extremely complicated to keep a conversation without being interrupted by the sound of a message. Last of all, as we’ve got a lot of  personal information kept in them (telephone numbers, e-mails, photographs, personal passwords…) if we lost our mobile, we’d be in serious trouble.

All in all, there’s no room for doubts: mobile phones have come to stay and have changed our way to contact with our nearest and dearest. But, we must be aware of the dependence they’ve created and know how to disconnect and live our life away from our mobile phone’s screen.

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