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The city of Ourense (Galicia, Spain) is famous for its natural hot springs, “As Burgas”. The springs are located in the middle of the city where the water gushes out from three sources: “Burgas de Arriba”, “Burgas do Medio” and “Burgas de Abaixo”. The main characteristic of theses naturally high mineral springs are their high temperature, between 64ºC and 68ºC. “As Burgas” water has long been used for therapeutic purposes because of its healing properties.

Romans were the discoverers of the springs. There are several theories about the origin of their water. There are people who thought the water cames from a spring situated under the cathedral, but other people thought it comes from a subterranean volcano. Nevertheless, the water comes from rainwater and turns hot 2.5-3km under the ground.

In 2005, the construction of a spa near the springs caused the loss of part of  “As Burgas” volume flow. That event accelerated the recognition of the springs as a cultural interesting place. In July 2010, it was built a big thermal water public pool in the “As Burgas” square. Since then, Ourense has been the only place in the world where you can have a relaxing therapeutic bath in the centre of the city.

“As Burgas” springs are just one of the attractive of Ourense. If you decide to visit the city and the region, you will discover some of the most beautiful and charming places in Galicia.

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